Central and North America – Severe weather - ECHO Daily Map | 16/06/2015

U.S.A. – Tropical Cyclone BILL

• BILL is reaching the coast of Texas, the area south-west of Houston, as a Tropical Storm.

• After the landfall it is forecast to move inland, weakening into a Tropical Depression.

• On 16-18 June heavy rains, winds and storm surge may affect eastern Texas; heavy rains may also affect eastern Oklahoma. As of 16 June, 12.00 UTC, a Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from Baffin Bay to High Island.

MEXICO – Tropical Cyclone CARLOS

• CARLOS is moving parallel to the south-western Mexican coast, as a Category 1 Hurricane.

• Over the next 48 h, it is forecast to continue moving parallel to and just off the coast of Colima and Jalisco states. Heavy rains and strong winds may affect several areas of south-western Mexico; risk of flash flooding and mudslides.

• As of 16 June 12.00 UTC (NOAA) a Hurricane Watch is in affect from Punta San Telmo to Playa Perula and a Tropical Storm Warning from Punta San Telmo to Cabo Corrientes.

Nicaragua - Severe weather

• As a result of the heavy rains in the first half of June, 35 350 people have been affected and 6 people killed. 11 departments, 45 municipalities, 329 communities and neighbourhoods area affected, with damages to 7 941 houses and impact on school infrastructure and health units.

• Over the next 48h, moderate rains and thunderstorms may affect central and eastern Nicaragua.

Honduras - Severe weather

• Heavy rains affected Honduras over the last two weeks, causing floods and landslides. Media reported two dead, two people missing, over 500 affected and over 115 homes damaged.

• Over the next 48h, light to moderate rain may affect eastern Honduras.