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New Caledonia - Tropical Cyclone DONNA - ECHO Daily Map | 10/05/2017

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• Tropical Cyclone DONNA continued moving over the sea between South Vanuatu islands and New Caledonia, weakening. On 9 May morning (UTC) it moved over Haute Bagao island with max. sustained winds of 150 km/h and on 9 May late evening (UTC) moved over Mare island (Loyalty islands) with sustained winds of approx. 75 km/h. On 10 May at 6.00 UTC its center was located 130 km south-east of Waho city (Southern province, New Caledonia).

• Over the next 24 h, it is forecast to move over open waters, weakening and dissipating.

New Caledonia: the Operational Center Interdepartmental Management of Crises (COGIC) reported, as of 10 May at 7.00 UTC, that 224 people have been evacuated and over 35 houses have been damaged in the islands of Ouvea,
Lifou and Mare (Loyalty Islands).

Vanuatu: According to official reports, as of 10 May at 7.00 UTC, Torba province remains the most affected area.
Thousands of people have also been evacuated and hundreds of houses damaged in the islands of Hui, Loh,
Tegua and Toga (Torba province).

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