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Nepal, India, China - Earthquakes - ECHO Daily Map | 28/4/2015



• The death toll from the recent earthquakes in Nepal has risen to 4,349, with 8,517 injured, as of 28 April. Numbers are expected to continue rising significantly. The district of Sindhupalchuk alone has recorded 1,250 deaths and another 1,039 have been reported in Kathmandu.

• According to the UN, an estimated 8 million people have been affected throughout Nepal.

• In India, 72 dead, 56 of which in the worst affected State of Bihar.

• The death toll continues increasing in China, with 25 dead and 117 injured.

Weather Forecast

Over the next 24 h, thunderstorms may affect some areas of central and eastern Nepal, including the areas severely hit by the earthquakes. Light to moderate snowfall could affect the high mountain areas. Thunderstorms may also affect some areas of eastern India and the Chinese affected areas.