Monthly Update – February 2012

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This report is issued by the UN RCHCO with inputs from its UN Field Coordination Offices and other partners and sources. The report covers February 2012. The next report will be issued the first week of March 2012.


Political update

The discharge of former Maoist army combatants opting for voluntary retirement was completed during February. The Special Committee for the Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of Maoist army Combatants has now decided to close 13 satellite camps following the completion of the voluntary retirement process. Faced with financial demands from other former combatants and other constituencies, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) began arranging for additional government support to disabled former combatants and those who are mothers with infants or are pregnant The party has also internally discussed arrangements to compensate former combatants now its sister organization the Youth Communist League. A constructive proposal on integration submitted by the Nepal Army to the Prime Minister was overshadowed by controversies as opposition parties claimed it contradicted the Seven Point Agreement from November 2011. The major parties agreed to prepare consensus proposals on integration, truth and reconciliation mechanisms, and constitution drafting to reduce differences and reach consensus on critical long-outstanding peace process issues. However, the proposal regarding the constitution drafting has not been submitted given the opposition parties' objective to complete the integration of the Maoist army before moving to constitution drafting. Amidst this, the State Restructuring Commission submitted two polarizing reports (one representing a majority opinion and another representing a minority opinion) to the Prime Minister.