Myanmar/Burma - Floods - ECHO Daily Map | 11/9/2015


• Myanmar / Burma experienced torrential rains, floods, landslides, since the end of June due to the Southwest Monsoon and the passage of Tropical Cyclone KOMEN at the end of July. Latest available information from the national authorities (National Natural Disaster Management Committee of Myanmar) indicates 1.6 million people displaced since July, 122 dead, widespread damage to farmlands with nearly 600,000 ha inundated, over 21,000 houses destroyed and 490,000 houses damaged.

• Over the last few days, heavy rains continued affecting north-western flood-hit Sagaing region, causing rivers to rise above danger levels in six townships. The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology has released flood warnings for seven townships along the Chindwin River in upper Sagaing and warned villagers in low-lying areas to relocate ahead of the rise. This predicts renewed flooding down-stream, and in particular in the Ayeyarwady region, already severely affected by floods.

Weather Forecast

The main rainfall field has moved south. Most parts of the Ayeyarwady River basin will only receive up to 100 mm of rainfall within the next 10 days. Only in some isolated areas at the river mouth and in the very upstream area of the basin precipitation may still be up to 150 mm. This is however much lower than the rainfall of the previous weeks.