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Myanmar emergency overview map: Number of people displaced in South East since Feb 2021 and remain displaced (As of 10 Jan 2022)



About 15,200 people were displaced to Kayah, Kayin and Shan (South) states and Tanintharyi Region during the past week, in addition to some 890 people estimated to have fled to Thailand due to armed conflict and airstrikes on 7 January, while 710 people returned from Tak Province of Thailand to Kayin State. In total, some 2,800 people remain on the Thai side of the border.

In Kayin State, 200 people have been displaced in Kawkareik Township to jungles nearby due to indiscriminative Tatmadaw shelling and armed clashes. In Kayah State, 1,250 individuals were displaced from areas in Hpruso Township, 820 were displaced in the nearby villages within the township and 430 arrived in Demoso Township. In addition, 240 IDPs were displaced to Mese and Shadaw townships while 6,310 moved to other locations within the state.

In Shan State (South), 6,130 individuals were displaced from Pekon town and nearby communities due to continued clashes between the Tatmadaw and local resistance groups, seeking safety at various villages and locations further in Pekon Township. Furthermore, over 2,200 people were displaced to Mongkaing town between 29 December and 3 January due to inter-EAO conflict between the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and Shan State Progress Party (SSPP).