Burma: Rakhine State IDP Camps at Risk of Monsoon Flooding (as of 26 April 2013)

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Displaced Persons at Risk At least 140,000 displaced Muslim Rohingya and Buddhist Rakhine are nervously awaiting the beginning of the rainy season, which runs from May/June to October. Some 68,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Rakhine State currently reside in 14 camps and informal settlements on land at serious risk of ooding. Flooding could contaminate water sources and accelerate the spread of water and vector-borne diseases.

Historical Monsoon Season Events Burma is prone to cyclones and ooding during the rainy season. Cyclones can strike as early as May, as Cyclone Nargis did in 2008.
Flooding in northern Rakhine in June 2010 killed 68 and destroyed 800 homes. Cyclone Giri hit Rakhine in October 2010 and killed at least 45 and rendered 100,000 homeless. On July 21, 2011, parts of Rakhine received 29 inches of rain, the highest one-day amount in Burma that year. Catastrophic ooding in August 2012 displaced over 85,000 throughout the country

US Department of State - Humanitarian Information Unit