Overview of Satellite Detected Flood Waters Along the Prut River, Republic of Moldova (as of 02 Aug 2010)

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This map illustrates probable standing flood waters along the Prut River at the Border of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. This flood analysis is based on MODIS terra satellite imagery recorded on 24 and 29 July 2010. Areas of potential / probable floodwater have been identified and marked in the overview map in red.

Overall the flooding appears to be relatively contained along the southern section of the Prut River, with smaller potentially flooded/flood-affected areas in the north of the Republic of Moldova. There is suspected bridge damage along an international border crossing west of the city of Cahul, Moldova. The two international bridges linking Romania with the Moldovan city of Giurgiulesti appear intact and fully operational.

This map product shows an overveiw of flooding along the Prut river in two overlapping map subsets. The scale for both frames is 1 : 600.000 and the left frame is rotated clockwise 28=B0. In the right side of the map previous UNOSAT analysis extents are indicated with a box.

This analysis has certain limitations because of the relatively low resolution of the satellite imagery. This flood assessment is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT.