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Sahel Region Vegetation Growth Deviation from Regular Start of 2011 Season (as of 21 Nov 2011)

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The map shows the shifts in the Start of the Season date in Sahel areas for the 2011 first growing season. In particular areas where the Start of the Season date, extracted from MODIS NOVI time-series (2000-2011), for the considered vegetation season exhibits a delay respect to the average value (2000-2010) are shown using light orange to brown colours. Pixel based results are proposed (0 .05 degrees). It should be noted that the conside red growing season, for the different areas, can refer to different months in the year, according to the specific agro-climatical zoning. Moreover, the map shows the situation detected using NOVI MODIS data available until October 31 2011. For areas where the considered vegetation season did n't yet end , analysis results are based on the current observed veget ation status.