Asia-Pacific Region 4 - 10 June, 2013, Natural Disasters and Other Events being monitored by the OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific

  1. Myanmar - Police reported that three women were shot dead and four other people were wounded in Parein village, Mrauk-U Township, in a confrontation with security officials. Source: OCHA

  2. Marshall Islands - Drought conditions persist in the northern Marshall Islands. The Marshall Island gov finalized a US$ 4.7 million response plan. A significant funding gap remains for lifesaving needs identified in the plan. Source: OCHA Sitrep

  3. Solomon Islands - The 6.1M tremor hit the Santa Cruz Islands, where a tsunami left at least 10 people dead in February. There was no immediate tsunami warning issued. Source: USGS, PDC

Precipitation Forecast - The latest forecasts predict above average levels of precipitation across Indonesia. Less than average rainfall is forecasted throughout most of the South Pacific, particularly Nauru. There is also a chance of less than average rainfall in Myanmar, around Yangon. Source: IRI

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