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Southern Africa Weekly Report Map (3rd to 9th March 2015)


Regional Overview


Dry conditions continue over central and north-western parts of the region, including Namibia and South Africa. This will impact on food security.


Continued heavy rains have increased the number of people displaced to about 39,000. Due to drought conditions across the south, an estimated 200,000 people are in need of immediate food assistance for three months.


Continued rains are causing localized flooding and damaging infrastructure across central and northern areas.


Heavy rains over Kahama District on 03 March killed 42 people, injured 82 and left 574 people homeless, with 137 houses damaged.


Last week the number of cholera cases increased from 1 to 20, of which 11 were confirmed.


The Logistics Cluster is facing a funding gap of $650,000 to continue its operations to reach flood-affected communities


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