Malawi: Humanitarian Update (28 Feb 2014)

The 2013/14 rain season has affected 10,856 households (54,280 people) as at 24 Feb 2014, mainly due to torrential rains and floods. DoDMA (Department of Disaster Management Affairs) has provided relief assistance to most affected districts with only preliminary reports from Rumphi and Blantyre remaining pending verification by the district councils.

Armyworm outbreaks have affected 16 districts and a total of 10,903ha, as of 11 Feb 2014. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MoAFS) provided chemicals and sprayers as well as farm inputs for replanting, and enhanced armyworm monitoring systems. Despite the armworm outbreak, MoAFS has indicated that generally the crop stand looks promising and there is a high likelihood that the country will produce enough for its population if the current rainfall pattern continues.

The Government of Malawi through the DoDMA and it's humanitarian partners is implementing a humanitarian response programme aimed at assisting people that were projected as food insecure by the MVAC. The programme is expected to run until March 2014 and target 24 districts and an affected population of approximately 1.85 million.

Following reports of a deteriorating food insecurity situation from district stakeholders, the MVAC undertook a rapid assessment in 27 districts to update the food insecurity situation for the country. The assessment findings indicate that the overall food insecurity situation is stable following the relief programme being implemented. The report has not recommended any additional number of people be included in the humanitarian assistance programme, however MVAC recommends that the food situation will require continuous monitoring in some vulnerable areas.

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