Southern Africa Weekly Report Map, 22 - 28 July 2014



Conflict between 2 villages in the south led to the displacement of 1,780 people from Andranondambo to Ambosary town and Tanomaro commune in May 2014. 801 people from Ambototsivala fled their village to an unknown location. During the violence 18 people were killed, leaving 19 children orphaned. A total of 479 houses were burned in Andranondambo village. Those displaced are awaiting increased security measures to be taken to ensure their safety upon return and requests for transport assistance for the repatriation have not yet been met. To date, all the urgent humanitarian needs have been covered in Amboasary, however, humanitarian assistance is required to accompany the return of the displaced people, especially for food security, health, shelter, and education sectors.

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