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Southern Africa Weekly Report (5 to 11 March 2013)

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Regional: Dry Spell Prevails

FEWSNET has reported that a prolonged dry spell in the southern half of the region has resulted in moisture stress and potential crop yield reductions. Short-term rainfall forecasts suggest a continuation of dry conditions in areas already affected by the dry spell.The most affected areas include southern and central Zimbabawe, Botswana, Namibia, southern Mozambique, northern South Africa and southern Angola.

Mozambique: Flooding and Cholera In Mozambique, 478,892 people have been affected, with 117 deaths. An estimated 3,888 people are still temporarily displaced in accommodation centres. In northern Mozambique 1,320 cholera cases have been reported, with 5 deaths, from 28 Jan to 7 March. Clean-up continues and a food security assessment has been conducted. There is an urgent need for providing seeds and agriculture tools to most vulnerable farmers before the end of the 2nd planting season, which finishes at the end of March.

Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Haruna Cyclone Haruna caused 26 deaths and injured 127 people, with 16 people still missing, as at 6 March. Most people have returned home, however 2,000 people are still displaced in temporary sites in Toliara. Needs are relatively well covered and the early recovery phase is starting.

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