Southern Africa Weekly Report (26 March to 1 April 2013)


Around 500 people are still displaced in Toliara I, after Cyclone Haruna. All displaced people in the military camp have returned home. The 500 people are located in 4 temporary sites, 2 of which are schools, preventing students from using the schools. The local DRR committee will relocate displaced people at the 2 schools next week. Temporary rehabilitation of the broken dyke has started and will take approximately 1.5 months.

During the past four months, malaria has killed around 30 people in the isolated commune of Miarinarivo. The MoH distributed medicines and is planning to deliver rapid diagnosis tests for early detection and timely response.

FAO is seeking USD 22.5 million by June 2013 to ensure the efficiency of the anti-locust campaign for 2013-2014. FAO predict that two thirds of the country could be affected by the locusts by Sep 2013, making 60% of people are at risk of food insecurity. An FAO Agro-economist expert will conduct a more detailed analysis by May 2013.

Mauritius: Flash Flooding

Localised flash flooding occurred on 30 March 2013 in Port Louis, resulting in 11 deaths. According to the UN RC no UN response was required.

Tanzania: Building Collapse

In Dar es Salaam, at least 34 people died in a multi-story building collapse on 29 March 2013.
Search and rescue efforts are still continuing with little hope of finding more survivors. To date 18 people survived the collapse. The UN RC said that no request for assistance was received.

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