Madagascar: Dahalo Attack Displaces People in the South, Situation Update - 15 June 2012

from UN Country Team in Madagascar
Published on 15 Jun 2012


· On 09 June 2012, heavily armed and well organized groups of dahalo (operating mostly in rural areas of Madagascar) carried out violent attacks on Ilambohazo village in the extreme southeast region of Anosy.

· The attack left 6 people dead, all members of security forces (5 military personnel and 1 gendarme).
Another 7 agents were wounded and 4 are still missing.

· After the attack, the dahalo threatened to attack six villages of Anosy Region in the following days which led to a population’s displacement towards Taolagnaro town.

· Various local sources put the number of displaced people from the communes at risk at around 1,800 persons. Local authorities talked about some hundreds of people have temporarily settled in a piece of land in the town centre of Taolagnaro.

· On 13 June, local authorities met to discuss the support they would provide to the IDPs and any other vulnerable families.

· On 14 June, the Prime Minister, with the Minister of Defence, the Minister Internal Security and the Secretary of State for Gendarmerie and parliamentarians from the areas concerned, left the country’s capital city, Antananarivo, for Taolagnaro, to assess the security and humanitarian situation.

· UN joint mission, chaired by the UNRC a.i. and composed of OCHA/RCO, WFP and UNICEF, also joined the Government mission to assess the humanitarian situation and prepare rapid needs assessment if necessary.

· UNDSS is monitoring the situation closely and will report to the UNRC as situation unfolds.

· The regional Authority is distributing food items to the displaced people. WFP is also ready to assist once number of displaced people will be confirmed.