Kenya: 100,000 people displaced and 65 killed by floods (as at 16 May 2012)


Heavy rains have pounded many regions of Kenya, with floods and landslides impacting negatively on lives and livelihoods. The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), one of the key responders to the crisis, reports more than 100,000 people (14,955 households) displaced and many more affected by floods, while at least 65 people have lost their lives since March.

Widespread destruction of property and infrastructure has also resulted, as well as disruption of key activities such as farming and education.

According to KRCS, primary needs are in the domains of shelter, water, sanitation and health, and some external support is needed.

Worst affected areas of the country are Nyanza Province, parts of Rift Valley Province, parts of the greater Nairobi metropolitan area, and parts of Coast Province. The Kenya Meteorological Department says flooding has mainly resulted from several rivers bursting their banks, while landslides have resulted from saturation of soils. May typically marks the end of the “Long Rains” season over most parts of the country except the western highlands, parts of central Rift Valley and the coastal strip.


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