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Horn of Africa | Floods, food insecurity and desert locust infestation - DG ECHO Daily Map | 14/05/2020


  • Since the beginning of the "long rains" season (March 2020), the Horn of Africa region is faced with heavy rainfall and widespread flooding which has directly affected 1.26 million people.
  • Countries in the region are already affected by an unprecedented threat to food security, with over 12.5 million people currently in crisis and emergency levels, further aggravated by the worst Desert Locust upsurge in over a generation.
  • The current seasonal rains are conducive for the reproduction of the Desert locust and new swarms are affecting the crop season and pasture availability across the whole region.
  • The combination of food insecurity, Desert locust, and floods will increase the vulnerability and exacerbate the number of people in need.