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Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook November 20 – November 26, 2014


  • A short period of increased rains helped to relieve many anomalously dry areas in the Greater Horn.

  • Strengthening moisture deficits continue throughout parts of northern Angola and eastern Zambia.

  1. Low and poorly distributed seasonal “Deyr” rains have led to strengthening moisture deficits and deteriorating ground conditions throughout several local areas in southern Somalia, eastern Kenya, and coastal Tanzania. The persistence of drier than average rainfall in November is likely to negatively affect crop and pastoral areas in the region.

  2. Suppressed and erratic rains across parts of southern Cote d’Ivoire and southern Ghana during October have led to strengthening dryness.
    Suppressed rains are forecast throughout the region during early November.

  3. Since late September, erratic and poorly distributed rains have led to strong moisture deficits throughout many parts of northern Angola. The early season dryness follows drought conditions from a poor rains season last year, which may further exacerbate ground conditions.

  4. Several weeks of infrequent and low rainfall totals has led to anomalously early season dryness throughout parts of southern DRC and northeastern Zambia.