Japan – Earthquake/Tsunami - ECHO Daily Map | 22/11/2016

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• An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 Mw at a depth of 11 km occurred in Japan, on 21 November at 20:59 UTC. The epicentre was located 37 km east-south-east of Namie (Fukushima prefecture). USGS PAGER indicated a shaking up to "Strong" for 220 000 people. JMA issued a first Tsunami Message 4 minutes after the event, followed by PTWC few minutes later for the eastern coast of Japan and it was lifted about 7 hours later. Sea level measurements indicate that a Tsunami occurred: a wave of about 1.4 m was detected in Sendai. JRC issued an Orange alert for the the possible consequences of the earthquake; calculations indicated a max. tsunami of less than 2 m.

• As of 22 November, local media reported that 12 people have been injured and at least 3 000 people have been evacuated in the prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi, Chiba and Tokyo.

• The country was previously hit by a strong earthquake of magnitude 9.1 Mw in 2011 which caused the strongest tsunami to ever strike the country. Over all it caused the death of over 15 000 people, injured over 6 100 and damaged over 1 million homes across Honshu island.