Israel – Forest Fires – ECHO Daily Map | 25/11/2016



  • Several forest fires have been burning across the country over the past few days causing damage. The largest active fires are located in Haifa and Jerusalem districts. In Jerusalem a fire broke out in the municipality of Neve Shalom on 23 November and has so far burned an area of 580 ha. In Haifa district the largest active fire broke out also on 23 November in the municipality of Zichron Yaakov and has so far burned an area of 323 ha. According to EFFIS, as of 25 November early morning (UTC), the forest fire risk for the areas remains "Extreme" on 26 November.
  • Local media, as of 25 November, reported that over 75 000 people had been evacuated in Haifa district but have currently returned home. They also mentioned that over 130 people have been injured and 30 homes have been damaged in Haifa district, as well as several people have been evacuated in Jerusalem and Northern districts. ECHO is closely monitoring the situation.
  • The most recent deadliest fire took place in December 2010 in Haifa district and caused the death of 44 people.
  • Over the next 48 h strong winds and dry conditions are forecast for several areas of the country, including the ones affected by the fire.

Sources: ECHO, EFFIS, OpenStreet Map, Local Media