Iraq: iMMAP - IHF Humanitarian Access Response - Weekly Explosive Incidents Flash News (8 - 14 November 2018)

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Ninewa Governorate

An Armed Group 8 November 2018

● A booby-trapped car exploded near a restaurant on the right side of Mosul, led to the killing 2 people and injured 11 others. An Armed Group 9 November 2018
● Attacked Hamad village, led to the killing 3 civilians.

Security Forces 10 November 2018

● Were able to release 4 abductees who were kidnapped with their vehicles by gangs between Rabia and Al Ayadiyah west of the governorate.
● During a search operation conducted in Mahita village in Ain Al-Jahsh area, they cleared 3 IEDs and destroyed a terrorist hideout.
● Cleared 3 IEDs belong to ISIS in a village on the main road to stone mines area.
● Cleared 3 homemade, cylinder-shaped IEDs belong to ISIS in Abtisha village.

An Armed Group 11 November 2018

● One of the engineers of PMF was martyred during his duty to clear an IED in the village of Teskhrab of Ba'ashiqah.

Salah Al-Din Governorate

Security Forces 12 November 2018

● Cleared 5 IEDs in the shape of 20-liter gallon during a clearance operation along the pipeline from Baiji - Seneia.
● Cleared 13 gallons contained 7 IEDs, 20 detonators and a fuse in Waqiha area between Ain Hawiy and Salman villages.

Security Forces with support Air forces 14 November 2018

● Destroyed a hidden hideout and took over a motorcycle used by terrorists in west of Samarra district.