Iraq: DTM West Mosul Displacement Overview (as of 10 August 2017)

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 10 Aug 2017

IOM Iraq DTM has been monitoring displacement and return movements to and from the city of Mosul since military operations started on 17 October 2016. The operations to retake west Mosul city started on 19 February and displacement was recorded as of 25 February.
Military operations in west Mosul led to the displacement of thousands of individuals to camps and out-of-camp locations, which are continuously being identified and monitored, when accessible, by the DTM team. As DTM strives to expand its coverage and real time reporting, different mechanisms to monitor displacement and triangulate figures have been put in place, including using flow-monitoring information through Hammam Al-Aliel screening site.
In order to further support the activities of humanitarian actors and contribute to understanding the highly fluid displacement dynamics taking place in Ninewa governorate, the DTM is now weekly releasing the figures of IDPs who transit through Hammam al-Aliel screening site —from the beginning of west Mosul operations.
Please note that DTM Flow Monitoring figures and DTM Mosul Portal are two different tools that should be used independently from one another:

  • The flow monitoring figures provide an indication of the cumulative number of IDPs displaced from west Mosul. They do not reflect the current number of IDPs from west Mosul who are still displaced, as some might have returned;

  • The DTM Mosul Portal only reports the figures of IDPs and returnees whose location has been checked and verified. For this reason, not all IDPs from west Mosul are recorded in the DTM Mosul portal dataset yet.

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