Displacement Tracking Matrix - Iraq IDP Crisis - January 2014 to 30 November 2017: IDP Shelter Arrangement


**IOM’s DTM aims to monitor displacement and provide accurate data about the IDP population in Iraq. Data is collected by Rapid Assessment and Response Teams (RART), composed of 123 staff on the entire Iraqi territory. Data is gathered via a network of over 9,500 key informants.

From the start of January 2014 through 30 October 2017, the DTM identified 3,173,088 internally displaced individuals (528,848 families). This maps shows the sizes of IDP population residing in 3 main shelter categories (private, critical, camp plus unknown).**

Private settings
Families: 230,550
Individuals: 1,383,300

Critical shelter arrangements
Families: 50,080
Individuals: 324,480

Families: 119,774
Individuals: 718,644

Unknown shelter arrangements
Families: 76,219
Individuals: 457,314

Private Settings include: Rented Houses; Hotels/ Motels; with Host Community. Total individuals are estimated by multiplying total families by 6, the average size of an Iraqi family Critical Shelter Arrangements include: Informal Settlements; Religious Buildings; Schools; Unfinished and Abandoned Buildings; and Other Formal Settlements.