2 September 2014: Iraq – Humanitarian situation and displacement



• The humanitarian crisis in Iraq continues to rapidly evolve, with population movements dispersed throughout the country. With this increasing displacement, humanitarian needs are also growing.

• Since mid-July, humanitarian organizations have reported a steady increase in the number of IDPs countrywide. Iraq has now one of the largest populations of IDPs in the world, reaching more than 1.8 million people (around 850 000 IDPs only in the northern Iraq, in Kurdistan region) according to the latest UN reports.

• Serious concerns exist as to the increasingly fragile conditions of both local communities and IDPs in areas affected by armed conflict.

• While fighting goes on, power cuts, fuel shortages, disruptions of supply routes, and the seizure of municipal water facilities by armed groups has left many displaced people in urgent need for water, food, shelter and medicine.

Sources: ECHO, UN, Media