17 June 2014: Iraq - Conflict and humanitarian situation



• New waves of population displacement have taken place in the northwest of Ninewa governorate as armed opposition groups (AOGs) took control of Tal Afar. Reportedly some 2 000 – 3 000 families fled Tal Afar northwards towards the Kurdish region.

• Humanitarian agencies continue working to organize the provision of assistance to internally displaced families who are dispersed in a number of locations with host families or rented accommodation in the Kurdish governorates. Although conditions for IDPs hosted by local communities are stable for the moment, there are concerns about the capacities of Kurdish families and communities who already host a large number of IDPs from Al-Anbar and Syrian refugees.

• On the disputed borders between Ninewa and the Kurdish governorates, food shortages on the local markets as well as the disruption of electricity and water services are being reported. Humanitarian agencies continue working on the establishment of temporary sheltering in Shikan and Khabat, and the distribution of food and non-food items. The restoration and strengthening of health services in the areas where IDPs are concentrating is a priority.

Sources: ECHO, UN, NGO’s