14 February 2014: Indonesia – Volcanic Eruption

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Situation: Mt Kelud in East Java erupted at 14.50 on 13 February (UTC) sending ash and rocks as high as 17km and affecting areas more than 200km away. Mt Kelud is situated in a densely populated area with a number of villages built less than 5km from the crater (see inset map).

  • As of 10.00 UTC on 14 February BNPB reported 3 people killed in Pandansari village (two by asphyxia) and a total of 76 388 displaced in 5 surrounding districts, most of them in Kediri. A 10-km evacuation zone has been ordered around the crater.

  • A very large area (see main map) has been affected by ash-fall; apart from Kediri, Blitar and Malang in the immediate vicinity, the major city of Surabaja in the north coast, all southern districts of Central Java and even some of Western Java have been affected. Ash-fall was still reported in parts of Central Java and Yogyakarta at 12.00 UTC on 14 February.

  • Seven airports in eastern and central Java have been closed, including Surabaja and Yogyakarta.

  • The Alert Level was raised to the highest level (IV) 90 minutes before the eruption. As of 14.00 UTC on 14 February it remained at IV; however, volcanic activity showed decline and no more large eruptions are expected to occur, according to PVMPG experts quoted in BNPB.