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India, Sri Lanka - Severe Weather - ECHO Daily Map | 02/12/2015

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Over the last month very heavy rains and winds affected south-eastern India and Sri Lanka, causing damage and deaths.


• Very heavy rains affected south-eastern India in November, due to the passage of a Tropical Depression over Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh on 8-11 November, and one week later due to the passage of another low pressure system off the coast of these two states. Floods caused damage and deaths in several areas of these states, especially in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Nellore (Andhra Pradesh). At the beginning of December heavy rains have started affecting again south-eastern India, with 374 mm recorded in 24h on 1 December in Chennai.

• As of 1 December, there were 200 dead in Tamil Nadu and another 30 in Andhra Pradesh, with Chennai and Nellore reported as the districts mostly affected (limited information on the impact). The Indian Air Force along with the Indian Coast Guard are assisting with extensive rescue and relief operations across the region.

• Over the next 48 h very heavy rains may still affect some areas of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and coastal Andhra Pradesh. ECHO is monitoring the situation.


• In November, heavy rains have also affected Sri Lanka, causing floods especially in the Northern Province.

• As of 2 December, there were 53 326 people affected (mostly in the Northern Province) and 331 people displaced in two evacuation centers.

• Over the next 24 h, heavy rains may still affect several areas of Sri Lanka, especially northern areas.