India: Mapping cropland impact from flooding in Bhojpur district (Bihar) using THEOS1 satellite images (28 August 2016)


THEOS satellite image from 28 August 2016 (IST 04:51 pm) shows large-scale flooding in Bihar. Severly affected districts include Bhojpur, Nalanda, Patna, Saran, Samastipur and Vaishali.

The closer view of swollen Ganges along Bhojpur clearly shows large scale crop damages from persisting water levels for the past one week. Large floodplains with standing crops are completed submerged by the recent floods. The estimated cropland damage for this districts is 65,000 ha. Submergence of road and several villages like Behra, Balua, Gaichaur, Gaura, Milki, etc can be clearly noticed in the flood image.