India - Cyclone "Amphan" (22 May 2020)


Satellite detected inundated areas around Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Amphan was the first "super cyclone" to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999, and packed winds gusting up to 185km/h at sea. The map shows the inundation extent covering the city of Kolkata after the Super cyclone landfall on 20 May at 5:00 PM. The ESA Sentinel-1 image acquired on 22 May 00:04 which is a cloud-­penetrating satellite showing partial inundation (Orange) in the urban areas to large-extent and complete inundation in agricultural areas (pink) and permanent water (blue) which are severely damaged by Cyclone impacting the infrastructure and crop damages.
Please note the map is not validated and request to send ground report. The use of boundaries do not imply the official endorsement or the position of IWMI.