25 Nov 2013: India – Tropical Cyclones LEHAR and HELEN



  • Tropical Cyclone HELEN made landfall on 22 November at around 11h00 UTC near Machillipatnam, in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Just before landfall, it had max. sustained wind speed of 64 km/h, equivalent to a Tropical Storm. Heavy rainfall accompanied its passage that caused extended flooding in the area.

  • As of early on 24 November (UTC), Indian media report 7 people killed in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, in rain and wind-related incidents. The first estimates of the flood damage are for a total of ca. 200 000 ha of damaged crops in Krishna, West and East Godavari districts. Late on 24 November (UTC), there were still power outages in West and East Godavari. Prior to the arrival of HELEN, the same media reported that ca. 17 000 people evacuated from the coastal areas and 66 relief camps were opened and provisioned.

  • Meanwhile, a new and potentially much stronger Tropical Cyclone is heading towards the south-eastern Indian coast. LEHAR formed on 23 November west of the coasts of Thailand and moved north-west, across the Bay of Bengal. On 25 November, 12h00 UTC, it had a max. sustained wind speed of 121 km/h (equivalent to a Hurricane), after having traversed Andaman and Nicobar islands late on 24 November.

  • LEHAR is forecast to move towards the coast of Andhra Pradesh, strengthening, and approach land on 28 of November, in the same general area as HELEN. Strong winds and heavy rainfall should affect coastal Andhra Pradesh as LEHAR makes landfall. Heavy rainfall (210mm in 24h) has already affected the Andaman & Nicobar islands. As of 25 November, there were reports of evacuations, but none of damage.