Haiti: Earthquake IDP movements out of the metropolitan area of Port-de-Prince in January 2010

from Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Published on 12 Dec 2012

Displacement facts:

  • Up to 2.3 million people were displaced.
  • Most who left Port-au-Prince (630,000 IDPs) returned in 2010.
  • There are 358,000 IDPs (90,415 households) in 496 post-quake camps (Oct. 2012).
  • The number of IDPs outside camps is undetermined.
  • 73,000 households have been living in tents/makeshift shelters for 3 years.
  • Half of homes in Port-au-Prince were destroyed/made uninhabitable; 80% in Leogane.
  • At least 58,000 people were displaced in 2012 by floods and hurricanes across the country.

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