Guatemala | Severe Weather – Rainy Season 2021 – DG ECHO Daily Map | 14/07/2021

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▪ Heavy rainfall and strong winds continue to affect most of the country since the beginning of the rainy season 2021 (lasting from May to July) causing floods, landslides, mudflows and a number of severe weatherrelated incidents that have resulted in casualties and widespread damage.

▪ The National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) reports, as of 13 July, seven fatalities, two injured people, 5,344 evacuated people (of which 343 to temporary shelters) and a total of 625,981 affected people across the country. In addition, CONRED reports 1,592 damaged houses (of which 74 severely damaged), seven damaged public buildings, six damaged schools, 97 damaged roads (of which two destroyed) and 11 damaged bridges (of which three destroyed).

▪ National response is carried out by CONRED, that have assisted 8,657 people, as of 13 July.