Outlook for Greek Islands | 12 February – 15 February 2016 - Weather Forecast Prepared 12:00 CET 12 February 2016

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Weather Outlook for the Greek Islands

An area of low pressure, currently across Italy, persists through the weekend, with high pressure to the east of the Greek Islands. This leads to strong southerly winds affecting the seas around the Greek Islands though the weekend and likely to continue until late Monday.

As a result rough seas with moderate, occasionally large, waves will develop between the Greek Islands and Turkey.

Conditions at sea are expected to be challenging through this period, especially on Saturday, when rough seas may prove dangerous at times for small boats. Analysis on previous events, lasting 1-2 days, suggests a reduction in arrivals to the Greek Islands in association with large waves/rough seas, with a recovery in numbers thereafter.

However, this event is expected to last for 3-4 days, until late Monday, and numbers of people arriving to the Greek Islands are expected to be very low through this period. With a return to more settled conditions expected from Tuesday, numbers of people arriving to the Greek Islands are likely to significantly increase, with very high numbers perhaps arriving after Tuesday.