Outlook for Greek Islands | 10 February – 12 February 2016 - Weather Forecast Prepared 15:00 CET, 8 February 2016

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Weather Outlook for the Greek Islands

An area of low pressure develops to the south of the Alps, moving south and east over the next few days. Southerly winds will gradually strengthen through the Aegean Sea from Tuesday, reaching gale force at times later on Wednesday. These strong winds will generate large waves and rough seas through the central Aegean Sea and also around the Greek Islands. Sea conditions are expected to become increasingly challenging through this period, with conditions likely to become dangerous at times for small boats during Wednesday.
Previous event analysis suggests a reduction in arrivals to the Greek Islands in association with increased wave heights.

Weather Details for the Greek Islands

Weather: Unsettled with periods of rain across the Greek Islands during Wednesday. This may be heavy at times with a risk of thunderstorms developing, later on Wednesday and overnight into Thursday. Rain clearing eastwards during Thursday afternoon.

Wind and Waves: Southerly winds will steadily increase around the Greek Islands during Wednesday, peaking during the evening around 25 to 30kt (12.5 to 15m/s), with waves increasing to 1-2m between the Greek Islands and mainland Turkey. The strong winds and large waves will gradually reduce during Thursday and Friday.