the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Floods - ECHO Daily Map | 08/08/2016


• Heavy rain affected several parts of the capital city of Skopje over the last few days causing flash floods. Approx. 93 mm of rain were recorded in Skopje over 6-7 August.

• National authorities, as of 8 August, reported that 21 people have died, 70 have been injured and over 1 000 have been evacuated throughout the city. The worst affected areas are the villages of Stajkovci, Haracinovo, suburbs Butel, Cento and upper Lisice, as well as the ring road near Stajkovci.

• The European Commission's Emergency Response Coordination Centre has been in close contact with the local authorities as of 7 August. An official request for international assistance has been sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Consequently the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated. The initial request is for expertise in assessing the situation regarding the water and sewage system and preparing recommendations to the local authorities as well as assessing further needs of assistance in coordination with the national authorities and humanitarian partners. Further requests for relief items are expected soon.

• A Technical Expert and a EU civil protection expert team are being deployed to Skopje.