North Macedonia

Cento - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Flood - Situation as of 10/08/2016, Grading Map


Map Information

Over 6-7 August 2016, the city of Skopje has been affected by heavy rain, lightening and strong winds. Approx. 93 mm of rain were recorded, causing flash floods. As of 8 August, national authorities reported that 21 people dead, 70 injured and over 1 000 evacuated throughout the city. The worst affected areas are the villages of Stajkovci, Haracinovo, suburbs Butel, Cento and upper Lisice, as well as the ring road near Stajkovci.

On 8 August, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated. A Technical Expert and an EU civil protection expert team are being deployed to Skopje, to analyse the situation with regards to the water and sewage system. They will prepare recommendations for the local authorities and assess further needs of assistance in coordination with the national authorities and humanitarian partners.

The present map shows the damage grade assessment in the area of Cento (fYROM). The thematic layer has been derived from post-event satellite image by means of visual interpretation. The estimated geometric accuracy is 5 m or better, from native positional accuracy of the background satellite image.