6 February 2015: Southern Europe -Severe weather

Severe weather,including heavy snowfall, rains, winds, low temperatures and thunderstorms are affecting several countries of southern Europe.

Croatia: Power outages and traffic disruption due to heavy snowfall, ice and winds.

Albania: Heavy rains caused floods in several areas of southern Albania since 31 January. The situation is most critical in the south-western areas of the country (Fier and Vlore). At least 1,600 families have been affected and 17,000 ha of land have been flooded.

Bulgaria: Heavy rains and strong winds affected several areas on 1-4 February, killing four people, damaging several houses,and causing power outages.

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Floods affected the eastern region of the country over 31 January - 3 February. According to national authorities 170,000 people are affected.