3 February 2015: Europe – Severe weather


• According to media, 3 February, due to the severe weather of the last two days, floods were observed in at least five counties of southern Albania. Fier and Vlore are the counties most affected. Media reported at least 1 700 houses flooded, 1 200 of them in Fier and 500 in Vlora.

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

• The situation in the eastern part of the country is still serious. Issues remain with clean drinking water.

• Also the situation in the Bitola region remains serious but under control. The Army, local government the PRD are trying to keep the situation under control.

• In the next following days rainfall is expected, while a reduction in water levels is expected.


• Heavy rains and strong winds affected several Bulgaria, causing floods and killing four people. One person is missing in the Petrich area. Several houses were flooded and the electricity supply was partially disrupted. A state of emergency is declared in the part of territory of the Dobrich, and Varna regions. 724 people had to be evacuated in both regions.

• As of 3 February, the situation continues to normalise in the regions of Blagoevgrad, Kardzhali, Smolyan and Burgas. Continuous discharge of water from flooded buildings/settlement, and the monitoring of river levels is organized in affected regions with critical status.


• Floods were reported in western areas of Greece due to heavy rains and rivers overflow in many locations. Mostly affected are the regional units of Arta (Epirus) and Evritania (Central Greece).

• A State of Emergency has been declared in Epirus and Evritania. On 2 February, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated for the area of Epirus.

• Local media report new evacuations in Nafpaktos, in the West Greece region, due to landslides. Some mountain settlements are isolated.

• Floods were observed in north-eastern Greece, in the regional unit of Evros (East Macedonia and Thrace), caused by the overflowing of the river Evros. (as of 2 February,


• Rain and snowfall affected several northern Spain over the past few days, causing floods and landslides.

• The river Ebro (as of 2 February) has overflowed, causing floods in Navarra, Burgos and Zaragoza provinces.

• Media reported two people dead in the provinces of Huesca and Navarra due to an avalanche and floods respectively, while road and port closures, and a train derailment have also been reported.

• On 2 February, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated by the Spanish Civil Protection for the basin of Ebro in the areas of Zaragoza and Trespaderne.

• In the next 48 hours more snowfall may affect northern Spain. An Orange Alert for snow and ice is in effect for these areas (as of 3 February morning, AEMET).

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