Fiji: Tropical Cyclone Mona Category 2 (4 January 2019)

from Government of Fiji
Published on 04 Jan 2019 View Original


For the 24 hr and 48 hr positions, the three radii represent the extent of Hurricane, Storm and Gale winds away from the centre.

Name: Tropical Cyclone MONA

Situation At: 0000 UTC Friday 4 January 2019

Location: 14.7S, 177.3E

Recent Movement: SW at 3 km/h

Fiji time is UTC +12 hours.

For example, 0000 UTC Saturday is 1200 Saturday Fiji time.

For example, 1800 UTC Saturday is 0600 Sunday Fiji time.

Category Cyclone 1 has mean winds 34-47 knots with a central pressure greater than 985 hPa

Category Cyclone 2 has mean winds 48-63 knots with a central pressure 985-970 hPa

Category Cyclone 3 has mean winds 64-85 knots with a central pressure 970-945 hPa

Category Cyclone 4 has mean winds 86-107 knots with a central pressure 945-910 hPa

Category Cyclone 5 has mean winds greater than 107 knots with a central pressure less than 910 hPa

The next TC Threat Track Map is scheduled to be issued within six hours.