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Eastern Africa: Sorghum Difference Yield (as of 11 Aug 2009)


11 August 2009 - In large parts of the Rift Valley Province, yields are expected to be 17% lower than the 5 years average due to drought, with local reductions of up to 35%. Compared to the yield of 2008, a reduction of about -7% is foreseen.
Reduced yields are foreseen in agricultural regions of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. In Uganda the growing season has been favorable and better than last year (+4%). In Tanzania the drought was moderate, currently normal to slightly lower yields than last year (-3%) are expected at national level. In Burundi and Sudan the national average yields are also below average. Due to reduced water availability and poor crop growth, below average yields of -8% to -10 % are expected. The yields will be 8% to 11% lower than last year. In Somalia, sorghum growing conditions are similar to last year with yields slightly below (-4%) the five years average.