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Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook June 4 – 10, 2015

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- The onset of the rainy season has been sluggish over West Africa, but an increase in rainfall is expected during the next week.

1) An uneven distribution of the March-May rains had adversely impacted crops and ground conditions over the SNNP, central and Belg-producing areas of Ethiopia, eastern Eritrea, and Djibouti. As the March-May season has already ended, recovery is unlikely.

2) Untimely rains and prolonged dry spells had resulted in failed crops over the unimodal areas of the Dodoma, Singida, Shinyanga, Tabora, and Kigoma provinces of central Tanzania. Chances for recovery are nil as the season had already ended.

3) Heavy rains during the past week have resulted in fatalities in Nairobi and flooding over the Otongolo of the Kisumu region of Kenya. With the forecast abundant rains during the next week, elevated risks for flooding remain.