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15 May 2014: World events



  • A number of dangerous wildfires have broken out in the county of San Diego, southern California, in the past two days. In San Marcos (north of San Diego city) approx. 21 000 families were ordered to evacuate their homes; in nearby Carlsbad a fire had burned at least 20 buildings and caused also extensive evacuations.
  • A Red Flag Warning by the National Weather Service was in effect for a number of counties in southern California (as of 15 May morning).

BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA – Severe weather

  • Heavy rainfall affected Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past two days, causing a rise in water levels of the rivers. Bosna and Vrbas in the north of the country have exceeded the flood emergency levels. As of 15 May, floods have affected mostly the north, central and eastern parts of the country. Floods were also recorded in Sarajevo. A State of Emergency has been announced in at least eight municipalities. Hundreds of people have evacuated their homes, while landslides and electricity outages have been reported in the affected areas.
  • Rainfall is expected to continue over most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Orange Alerts in effect in the north, central and eastern parts of the country (as of 15 May).

SERBIA – Severe weather

  • Heavy rains have been affecting central Serbia since 14 May, causing floods. As of 15 May, there were: three dead, emergency declared in the whole of Serbia (most critical situation in Kolubara and Macvanski districts), 500 people evacuated country-wide and a number of roads blocked.
  • Serbian Hydrometeorology has issued a Red Flood Alert for the river Kolubara, while most rivers in central Serbia are in Yellow Alert. Heavy rainfall is expected to continue on 15 May and in some areas also on 16 May.

TURKEY – Mine accident

  • Rescue efforts continue after the accident on 13 May in the coal mine in Soma. The efforts involve a total of 2 326 personnel (including 476 search-and-rescue personnel from the Turkish Hardcoal Institution).
  • According to latest figures, the death toll has risen to 282 with another approx. 150 miners still unaccounted for, making this the worst mining disaster ever recorded in Turkey.

EL SALVADOR – Volcanic eruption

  • On 12 May, the Secretary for Vulnerability Affairs and Director of Civil Protection, Jorge Melendez, declared the Chaparrastique volcano area “dangerous” and ordered a temporary evacuation of 280 families for six months during the rainy season. This is a result of the volcanic eruption that occurred on 29 December 2013 that led to a large deposit of flow of materials in the upper and middle part of the volcanic cone.
  • The risk of important and sudden landslides in case of prolonged heavy rains is considered very high. Economic assistance for housing and transport will be provided to the affected families.