Hurricane Matthew Preliminary Satellite Based Damage Assessment Report: Guantanamo Province, Cuba

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The first Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane since 2007, Hurricane Matthew, caused widespread destruction along its wake in several countries including Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and the United States. Formed near the Windward Islands on the 28th September 2016, the hurricane continued over the Caribbean resulting in catastrophic damages including loss of human lives and an estimated overall damage of over 5 Billion USD.
On the 5th of October 2016, Matthew made landfall near Jauco, Maisi municipality, Cuba as a category 4 hurricane.

Heavy rain and winds reaching 220 km/h severely damaged buildings but thanks to the Cuban Civil Defence’s rigorous evacuation plan there were no reported deaths. Around 600,000 people living in homes considered as “unsafe housing” moved in with family members, neighbours, or community spaces like schools or cinemas (Publico).
Coastline towns, like Baracoa, especially suffered due to giant waves (Reuters) and flooding. After Hurricane Matthew passed, Maisi, Imias, and Baracoa towns experienced no electricity for several days. Furthermore around 112,000 people in Guantanamo Province remained without running water (Miami Herald).

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