Colombia (Mocoa City) – Mudslide - ECHO Daily Map | 03/04/2017


  • Following the mudslide in the city of San Juan del Mocoa (Putumayo department, Amazonia Region) on the morning of 1 April, local media reported, as of 3 April 7.00 UTC, 254 deaths, over 550 displaced, over 200 injured and more than 300 families affected.

  • The Institute for Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) has issued, as of 3 April 7.00 UTC, a Red Alert for floods and landslides in the department of Putumayo, especially in the cities of Mocoa, Vilagarzon and Florencia. They also issued a Red Alert for floods in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Tolima, Cundinamarca, Meta and Antioquia.

  • ECHO staff is presently conducting a needs assessment in Mocoa

Source: IDEAM, NGRD, Local media



For the next 48 hours, cloudy to overcast conditions with moderate rain intervals and the possibility of local showers. No significant change is expected for temperatures with maximum reaching 29°C while minimum dropping locally to 21°C during the early morning hours of the day. Light northern winds (5 to 10 km/h) during morning hours are to intensify during warm hours of the day gusting locally 15 to 25 km/h abating during night hours from southern mainly directions.

Source: Meteocentre, ECMWF, IDEAM