Colombia – Landslide - ECHO Daily Map | 19/5/2015



Heavy rains affected western Colombia over the last few days, causing river overflow and landslides, in the department of Antioquia.

• A landslide occurred in the area of La Margarita in the municipality of Salgar on 18 May, after heavy rains caused the overflow of the river Liborina.

• As of 19 May morning (NGRD), there were at least 62 dead and more than 40 people injured. Search and rescue operations are on-going under the leadership of UNGRD (Disaster Risk Management Unit) with the support of the Colombian Red Cross.

• Water and sanitation services have been cut affecting about 18 000 people.

• The municipality of Salgar declared a state of public calamity.

Sources: ECHO, NGRD, UN, WMO, Media

COLOMBIA – Weather Forecast

Over the next 72 h more heavy rainfall may still affect western, south-eastern and eastern Colombia.

COLOMBIA – Rainy Season

The climate in Colombia varies from region to region. In particular the rainy season is in:

• Andean Highlands: Apr - Jun and Oct - Dec

• Pacific Lowlands And Eastern Plain: May - Oct

• Caribbean Lowland: April and Oct - Nov