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Asia-Pacific region 27 Feb - 4 Mar, 2013 - Natural disasters and other events being monitored by the OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific

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1 . China - A 5.2M earthquake has struch Yunnan province of China. According to media reports, 30 were injured, 700 homes collapsed and 2,500 homes were damaged.

Source: GDACS, PDC, Media

2 . Thailand - Flooding has killed 1 and affected over 7,800 in Narathiwat province. A request for international assistance is very unlikely.

Source: DMPD, Media

3 . Bangladesh - The latest 'Crisis Watch' newsletter from ICG identifies the situation in Bangladesh as "deteriorating". This is the result of violence associated with a leader from the Jamaat-e-Islami party was found guilty of war crimes from the 1971 war of independence. 60 people from around the country have been killed so far.

4 . India/Bangladesh - A 5.5M earthquake struck the border between northeastern Bangladesh and India on 2 Mar. There have been no reports of casualties or damages as a result of the quake.


5 . Malaysia/Philippines - Since 9 Feb, about 200 members of the Royal Sulu Army, an armed Islamic group from the southern Philippines, have occupied the Sabah region in Malaysia. They want Malaysia to recognize it as the rightful owner of Sabah, and to renegotiate the terms of the 1963 lease. Rejecting repeated calls from both the Malaysian and Philippine governments to leave Sabah, media report that at least 20 people have been killed in riots between Malaysian Police and the Royal Sulu Army over the past weekend (1-3 Mar). The Philippines sent a navy ship with social and medical workers off Sabah while trying to persuade the Filipinos to return home.


6 . Vanuatu - A 6.1M earthquake took struck about 100km west of Port Vila on 28 Feb. There are no reports of damages or casualties.

Source: GDACS, PDC

Precipitation Forecast - The latest forecast predicts a slightly higher than average chance for greater than normal precipitation in across much of SE Asia and Melanesia. Lower than average rainfall is predicted for most of Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Source: IRI

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