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World Events - ECHO Daily Map | 7/4/2015

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Haiti - Severe weather
• Heavy rains affected Haiti over 3-5 April, causing floods and damage, including in the capital Port-au-Prince. At least six people were killed and 8,000 houses were damaged (as of 6 April, media).
• Isolated heavy rainfall may still affect some areas of Haiti in the evening of 7 April.

Bangladesh - Severe weather
• Heavy rain, strong wind and lightning, affected several areas of Bangladesh, causing damage and deaths.
• As of 7 April, across the country at least 40 people were killed and another 300 were injured, 92,000 families were affected and 29,000 homes destroyed. Bogra district was one of the areas most affected, with 19 dead and more than 100 people injured.
• In the next 48 h heavy rains and winds may still affect several areas of Bangladesh, including the district of Bogra.

Chile - Floods - Update
• As of 6 April, due to the recent floods in Atacama region and Antofagasta, there were 26 dead, 120 people missing, more than 2,500 people hosted in emergency shelters, more than 6,000 homes seriously damaged and more than 2,000 completely destroyed (according to National Office of Emergency and media).
• In the next 24 h, no rain is forecast in the affected areas.

Syria - Conflict
• On 6 April, the UN Security Council reported that a significant percentage of the 18,000 civilians in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk are now controlled by the armed groups. Intense fighting continues between armed groups and militia in Yarmouk without interruption since 1 April when ISIL forces launched an assault against the camp.
• Civilian displacement to the south of the camp has taken place. UNRWA and partners organizing emergency support in Yarmouk.
• Families in Yarmouk are struggling for bare survival, relying on irregular and insufficient aid deliveries for over a year, and directly exposed to the violence of the conflict underway. UNRWA carried out the last aid deliveries to the camp on 28 March. The UN agency renewed the call to all parties to cease all activities that put civilians in danger, allow humanitarian access, and safe passage to those who wish to leave Yarmouk.

Yemen - Complex emergency
• Saudi-led air-strikes against the Houthi's rebels, continue mainly targeting locations in Sa’ada,
Sana’a, Hajjah, Hodeida and Aden governorates.
• At least 140 people are killed in the south of Yemen in the past 24 h. ICRC, MSF, IMC, UNICEF and WHO are responding to the urgent health needs, supporting medical facilities in the south.
• A large numbers of casualties is reported in Aden, health facilities, water and food supply disrupted. Many residents (3,000 households) left the city to take refuge in the neighboring Abyan governorate The Protection Cluster reports large-scale population movements from Sa’ada and Sana’a into Amran. Initial population movement monitoring indicates that over 3,500 households have taken refuge in Amran.
• According to UNICEF, at least 74 children have been killed and 44 maimed since the fighting began on 26 March (total number of fatalities 549 according to WHO).

Southern Indian Ocean - Tropical Cyclone JOALANE
• JOALANE formed on 6 April over the southern Indian Ocean. On 7 April at 0.00 UTC it was a Tropical Storm (max. sustained winds of 84 km/h) and its center was located approx. 680 km north of the island of Rodrigues (Mauritius).
• In the next 24 h it is forecast to turn southsoutheast and start moving towards Rodrigues, further strengthening.