Chile - Villarrica Volcano Eruption, Change Analysis of Sentinel-1 data (as of 6 Mar 2015)

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The map shows the Villarrica volcano in southern Chile and it's surroundings. It is one of Chile's most active volcanoes and has been showing signs of activity since the start of February. The volcano finally erupted on 03/03/2015, sending ash and lava up into the sky in a display which was reportedly seen as far as 1 00 km away. Over two thousand people were evacuated from the town of Pucon.

This image is a colour composite of the active volcano Villarnca us1ng pre-event (20/02/2015) and post-event (04/03/2015) Sentinel-1 data. Changes are visually enhanced by a Normalized Change Index and statistical computations. Blue colors are correlated with a backscatter increase and magenta colors with a backscatter decrease between preand post -event data. Areas of no change between the two acquisitions appear in greyish colors.

This work was performed by DLR in the frame of the ESA-funded project ASAPTERRA.

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