2 April 2014: Chile – Earthquake


• On 1 April, at 23.46 UTC, a 8.2 M earthquake (depth: 20 km) hit off the coast of Tarapacá region. USGS-PAGER: approx. 47 000 people were exposed to “Severe” shaking and 409 000 people to “Very Strong”.

• The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) issued a Tsunami Warning for Chile, Peru and Ecuador, at 23.55 UTC.

• The earthquake triggered a tsunami wave, which reached the coast approx. 15 minutes after the earthquake struck. JRC calculations indicated an estimated 2.4 m max. height in the area of Pisagua. Coastal measurements reached 2.1m height in Iquique and 2.0 m in Pisagua.

• Immediately after the Tsunami Warning had been issued, Onemi ordered the evacuation of the coastal areas of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá and Antofagasta Regions. The Tsunami Warning by the PTWC was cancelled on 2 April, 04.43 UTC.

• As of 08.25 UTC on 2 April ONEMI reports five people killed by falling objects or heart attacks. International media report additionally several people injured, a number of houses destroyed in Arica, some power cuts, fires and landslides.

According to ONEMI, there was no significant damage to infrastructure; a more detailed account of the damage is expected to emerge later on 2 April (UTC), with daylight in Chile.